Samantha Wakil


I am a philosopher of science and an experimental philosopher. I am joining the Univerisity of Nevada Las Vegas as a Visiting Assistant Professor in August 2021.

I have a detailed CV if that's what you're looking for.  

I get tattoos inspired by my research—I've also tattooed some academics myself. 

My dissertation is about methodology in Conceptual Engineering—with a philosophy of science twist and full of Carnapian flavor. You can read the abstract here. My full research statement is here

The first chapter of my dissertation is forthcoming in Erkenntnis

I also just published a paper in Studies in The History and Philosophy of Science.

I love motorcycles and used to be an EMT/firefighter in my pre-academic days.  

I'm Syrian-American and speak a little عَرَبِيّ.

In 2017 I published an article about cicadas, honeybees, and indispensability arguments in Philosophy of Science

In 2020 I published an article about how to define female orgasm in Synthese.

I take an interdisciplinary approach to teaching, even ethics courses. You can find my teaching statement here, course descriptions in my research areas here, and a full syllabus for an applied ethics course here.

Sometimes I write articles for popular audiences on medium. 

If you want to get in touch, please email me at: